Facesitting POV

Sexy mistresses sit down on your face!

Mistress Dana felt naughty and she wanted to have a little fun at the expense of this guy. She has a great and sexy ass as well as a lovely pair of tits. She used all of these to have fun by flaunting them. The guy could not resist although he was not allowed to touch. He had been tied up and he felt like he would die. She facesat on him and he nearly died of excitement.

Goddess Chanel knows how to party and to have fun. She was at this club with her friends when guys came and approached them. They were funny and loaded guys so the girls paid attention to them. As they continued having a good time, goddess Chanel teased them with her sexy ass and she turned them on instantly. She even let them record her beautiful ass. That guaranteed them top notch treatment all night long.

This mistress wanted this guy to talk but he had refused to talk to anyone she did not know or trust. Sensing that things were getting out of hand for her, the mistress turned to her ass to get the guy to do what she wanted him to do. So she teased him with her ass and when he had taken the bait, she used her sexy ass as a weapon to torture him into telling her the truth of everything.

Madame Marissa felt that this loser owed her a lot of things. She went to collect but the guy pretended he did not know what she was talking about. Knowing how his kind behaved, the mistress did not bother to continue talking to him. Instead, she used her butt as a weapon to teach him a lesson and tortured him in the process. He never repeated his mistake for fear of what she would do to him.

Princess Serena was taking dance lessons but she did not like how her teacher taught her. He had to learn to take her slowly and teach her from her point of view and not his. She got fed up with him as she was not learning much and she chose to punish him to make him change his style. The mistress used her jeans to facesit on him and torture him cruelly until he agreed to change.

Madame Svea likes to have fun by herself. That is because she has trust issues and she prefers to do things on her own. Today she was horny and she wanted to have a little fun. So she chose to fuck herself and she did this using her fingers. She ran her finger on her pussy and her ass and she played with her clit before fingering herself to orgasm.

This mistress wanted to show this loser how much she did not like him. He was too proud and she did not like such people. She was richer than he was but she did not brag even a tiny bit. She had tried to ignore him but he was getting too much and she had to do something about it. She chose to facesit on him and dominate him to cut him down to size.

Madame Marissa noticed that this guy had a bad habit of eavesdropping on her conversations. She did not like that habit and she asked him to stop it. But the guy did not and she got mad at him. He had to be punished and she did it cruelly by facesitting on him. She choked him with her ass as he could not breathe but he learned his lesson the hard way.

Mistress Amber has never tried facesitting fetish before and she was delighted to try it. She was excited as she got this loser to her house. He did not know what she had up her sleeve but she pretended she was interested in hanging out with him. But when she the time came for her to facesit on him, she looked for a scapegoat and got pissed at him and she facesat on him as punishment.

Princess Serena does not have a slave but she wanted to facesit on this loser and humiliate him. He had not messed up but she still wanted to facesit on him. The mistress, being hot, teased him and he could not resist her. As he got turned on, he was like putty in her hands and she got him to do all she wanted including letting her facesit on him.

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