Facesitting POV

Sexy mistresses sit down on your face!

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When it comes to being forgetful, no one comes close to this guy. And that is why this mistress was pissed at him. She had to teach him never to do that again and that is why she used her facesitting fetish to deal with him. She crushed his face with her ass and she also choked him a little in the process. He learned his lesson the hard way.

Mistress Melissa does not like dealing with slow people and when that happened today, she knew it had to be taken care of. That is how she managed to torture as well as humiliate this guy. The guy wished that he had not been slow and he asked for a second chance but the mistress was already done with him because she could not risk a repeat of what he had done.

When her ex became a pain in the ass, mistress Celine knew the solution was facesitting him with her jeans. She had never done that to him before but she knew it would work. So she not only facesat on him, but she also ass crushed him so that he would both be choked and feel pain as well. He peed his pants in the process and he never bothered her again.

Mistress Sinovia made sure her ass smelled a little. She then went ahead to facesit on this loser and to dominate him in a way he had never been dominated before. She facesat on him and she also made sure he smelled her asshole knowing well that it was a little dirty and therefore a little stinky. The degraded guy was lucky she did not ask him to lick it.

Mistress Celine is not one to let anyone do something she hates. Today the mistress was snobbed by her girlfriend and that was when it hit her girlfriend was snobbish. She had ignored it before but not today. And to make sure her girlfriend did not do it again, she used her jeans to facesit on him. And she made it a painful affair so that she would never think of doing it again.

Mistress Celine wanted to combine her jeans and her ass and make them a lethal combination for punishment. She wore her jeans and she facesat on this loser. He was humiliated and he was in a lot of pain as she did her thing. The mistress degraded the guy and she made him regret why he had pissed her off. Even his cries of pain were not enough to save him from her.

Mistress Celine knew she could not afford to humiliate this loser in a manner that would not bring results. That is why she chose to do it in a manner that was painful and cruel so that she would never have to do it again as he would think of what she did to him and he would choose to do the right thing always. She used her jeans to give that punishment.

Goddess Chanel knows how to party and to have fun. She was at this club with her friends when guys came and approached them. They were funny and loaded guys so the girls paid attention to them. As they continued having a good time, goddess Chanel teased them with her sexy ass and she turned them on instantly. She even let them record her beautiful ass. That guaranteed them top notch treatment all night long.

When angry, there is no telling what this mistress might do to the person who pisses her off. That is what this guy came to find out the hard way. The mistress used her sexy ass to facesit on him. And she made it painful so that he learned painfully. The mistress cruelly bounced up and down his face and made him cry like a little baby as he felt pain.

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