Facesitting POV

Sexy mistresses sit down on your face!

Mistress Dana wanted to facesit on this guy and she went ahead and she did it. It was her first time and it was also a first time for the guy being facesat on. The mistress did it in her lingerie and instead of it being cruel and brutal for the guy, he actually enjoyed it as her ass was soft and warm and smelled great. He was even turned on.

Madame Marissa loves to tease. She also loves jeans. And today she combined the two of them to have fun at the expense of this loser. She did not like him and that is why she did not mind what he did. The mistress laughed at the loser as he cried like a baby because of what she did to him. He was scared shitless and he begged her to let him go.

Mistress Vanessa was quarantining in her house and she was bored as she could not go out. And she could also not do a lot of things. The mistress felt that she only had her slave to dominate and torture for fun so she asked him to lie down and she crushed him with her sexy ass as well as her denim. He was humiliated but he was powerless to stop it.

Princess Serena loves to facesit and of late, she loves to do it with her jeans. This is because she loves to inflict a little pain because she feels it goes a long way in making things interesting. The mistress was wearing her boy shorts and she used them to tease as well as to torture this loser. He was able to see her sexy ass and sniff her ass even as he choked a little.

Mistress Dana wanted to take advantage of this guy and she felt that since he had a thing for her ass, it was the best way to take control of him. The mistress also used her tits to do it. The mistress loves to tease and it was not hard for her to do it to him. The mistress managed to trick him that she found him sexy and she controlled him and she got the info she wanted from him.

Madame Marissa was shocked to learn that her slave was not subservient and she had to make sure he became one. She did not want to be questioned by a slave and since it had never happened before, she was not going to let this slave do it to her. So she nipped his behavior in the bud by facesitting on him and making him do all the crazy things she wanted.

Queen Hanna and her friend mistress Jane wanted to have fun since they were stuck in the house together. The mistresses felt that the best way to do this was to facesit on each other after they had played with their pussies. The naughty mistresses turned each other on and they had a crazy time together. That day they discovered things about their bodies that they had never known about.

This guy was princess Serena's enemy and she knew she had to do something to him to make sure he learned she was not a pushover and she would not let him piss her off or mess her stuff. So the mistress used her jeans to ass crush him and he cried as the pain got to him. He also choked a little bit as she covered his mouth and his nose.

Mistress Dana felt naughty and she wanted to have a little fun at the expense of this guy. She has a great and sexy ass as well as a lovely pair of tits. She used all of these to have fun by flaunting them. The guy could not resist although he was not allowed to touch. He had been tied up and he felt like he would die. She facesat on him and he nearly died of excitement.

Goddess Chanel knows how to party and to have fun. She was at this club with her friends when guys came and approached them. They were funny and loaded guys so the girls paid attention to them. As they continued having a good time, goddess Chanel teased them with her sexy ass and she turned them on instantly. She even let them record her beautiful ass. That guaranteed them top notch treatment all night long.

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