Facesitting POV

Sexy mistresses sit down on your face!

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Lady Nora wanted this guy to change and when he did not, she had to punish him. She did not care what he felt or what he thought about what she did but he had to change at the end of the day. The mistress loved that he was scared and that he was amenable to making the changes that the mistress wanted. It was because of what she had done to him.

When this guy thought that he was invincible and no one would do anything to him, princess Serena and lady Nora proved him wrong and had fun laughing at him. He cried and wished he had never messed with them but it was too late. The mistresses used their hot asses to torture and smother him. They even farted on him before they were done with him. He never forgot it.

This guy needed to shut up. He talked too much and he pissed mistress Jane and queen Hanna. He had to be punished for it and the mistresses chose facesitting as it would cover his entire face and he would not keep talking. The mistresses ensured that he felt not just humiliation, but that he was in discomfort and a little pain for him not to mess up again. He never did.

Princess Cindy teased and denied this guy and she did it with her gorgeous ass. But that was not all for him. She took the same ass she had used to tease and deny him and used it to facesit on him. He was made to feel pain and humiliation but he also choked a little bit. He had a little fun though as her ass was on his face and she could feel how soft it was and how it smelled great.

Mistress Anfisa felt that this guy's disobedience had gotten worse and she had to do something about it. That is why she went out of her way to facesit on him and to dominate him like she had never done before. The mistress loved facesitting on him because she knew she would make him feel humiliated and also make him feel pain besides choking him as she did her thing.

This mistress loves to facesit and she wanted her boyfriend to be good at it. That is why she chose to dominate him with her ass and facesit on him until he learned to do it the way she wanted. It was very uncomfortable and even mildly humiliating for him at first but he learned to do it the right way and they had a great time with facesitting fetish.

This guy had pissed off someone and they wanted him punished. So the person approached mistress Anfisa and asked her to punish the guy for money and she agreed. She facesat on the guy cruelly and she choked and dominated him. She did not care about how he felt or what he had done. Mistress Anfisa was doing it for the money and that is all that mattered to her.

Goddess Vanny wanted to bait this guy and then have fun at his expense. The mistress got him to watch how she gyrated her ass and he was hooked. She then found a way to humiliate as well as facesit on him. Since she had turned him on, he was at her mercy and she took the chance to dominate him for her own fun and enjoyment. He did not have a say as to what she did.

This mistress had beef with her man. She wanted to humiliate him and to punish him at the same time. So she teased him knowing that he had a thing for her ass and would not resist it. Then the mistress got her man to agree to be tied down and once he was, she facesat on him and she teased him until he was super turned on. Then she denied him.

This naughty mistress loves to do crazy things and that is why her boyfriend loves her madly. She is rarely predictable and they have wild fun because of that. There is never a dull moment with her and today she wore stockings without underwear and she used her ass to tease him and to facesit on him. Then she got him to jerk off to her instructions and it was damn near the real thing.

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