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Mistress Saida used her hot ass and her big tits to lure this guy for humiliation. He was fixated on her and he was turned on which made it easier for her to manipulate him. The mistress went ahead to degrade the poor guy and make him endure her facesitting. He endured it as he was comforted by the fact that her ass and her tits were close to his face and she could feel them especially her ass.

Lady Naomi wanted a favor from her boyfriend and so she used her hot ass as she knew he had a weakness for it. The mistress put on a show for him and he loved all that she did. And then she facesat on him and made it a naughty and dirty show. He enjoyed it all. And that is how he found himself agreeing to what she wanted him to do for her.

Madame Marissa does not like lateness but this guy was late and she could not let him get away with it. So she did what she does best and she facesat on him as punishment. The determined mistress wanted him to equate being late with being humiliated and tortured so that he would learn to keep time and it worked as he learned to be on time all the time.

Goddess Sheila distracted this guy using her hot ass as well as her pussy before she humiliated him for her own fun. The mistress got him to think she was interested in one thing when she was interested in something totally different. He was thus shocked when she used the very ass she was teasing him with to trample and facesit on him cruelly and nearly choking him in the process.

Lady Juna wanted to make this guy never forget her and what she was capable of. That is why she chose to use her jeans to do it. She knew that if she facesat on him with her jeans, it would be painful and he would never forget what she did to him. Besides the pain, he would be choked as well and it made it an even better punishment.

Mistress Harley wanted to mind fuck this guy and then use him. She could tell he was into her big ass and her big tits. So she used them to tease him and she did it slowly and naughtily. He was turned on like she had never seen a man turned on and she knew her plan would work. The mistress then used her ass and her facesitting to mind fuck him and use him for what she wanted.

Princess Serena wanted to lay her hands on some secrets she was sure this guy had. But she knew they were not well acquainted and if she asked for them straight up, he would be suspicious and she would not get any. So she charmed him with her sexy ass and flirted with him to disarm him. Then at the right time, when she had mind fucked him and was facesitting on him, she got him to tell her the secrets.

Goddess Mel had only heard about facesitting today for the first time and she had to try it. The mistress knew she had to do it today so she did not waste time getting her video camera out and taking a video of how she facesat on this loser and made it look naughty and hot. She even confused the guy to think that she was doing it to please him when in fact she was enjoying it herself and not doing it for him.

Madame Svea likes to have fun by herself. That is because she has trust issues and she prefers to do things on her own. Today she was horny and she wanted to have a little fun. So she chose to fuck herself and she did this using her fingers. She ran her finger on her pussy and her ass and she played with her clit before fingering herself to orgasm.

Lady Anja did not have anything to lose when she chose to facesit on this loser. She was trying to have fun and she chose to do it to this loser. The mistress teased this loser with her ass and she dominated him when he took her bait. She had fun teasing and denying him before she made fun of him. But she was surprised as he enjoyed all she did to him.

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