Facesitting POV

Sexy mistresses sit down on your face!

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Lady Anja wanted money from this guy but he did not give it to her and yet she knew that he had it. She was not going to beg him for it and she chose to humiliate him for her won fun and enjoyment. He was shocked at what she did to him and he painfully gave her the cash and had to endure humiliation and domination at the same time.

Lady Anja wanted to tease this guy and then deny him. And that is what she did as she had fun at his expense. He loved how the mistress teased him with her hot and curvy ass. He knew he was going to fuck the hell out of her but he was shocked when she turned on him and denied him after making him believe she was into him as well.

Lady Anja used her hot ass to make her boyfriend cum. He had a thing for her ass and she made sure that she used it to tease him. He wanted her even more as she teased him. And when she flaunted her ass on his face before she facesat on him, he felt like his blood would boil. And as she facesat on him and he smelled her ass and pussy, he could not help but cum.

Lady Anja wanted to make a facesitting video for her students. She lectured people who loved facesitting and wanted to perfect the art and she chose to use a video to do it. The mistress looked for a loser who she used to depict a slave or anyone else who needed to be facesat on. The mistress used her hot ass to facesit on him and crush him and choke him. She had a great time as the guy had the worst time.

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