Facesitting POV

Sexy mistresses sit down on your face!

Lady Anja used her hot ass to make her boyfriend cum. He had a thing for her ass and she made sure that she used it to tease him. He wanted her even more as she teased him. And when she flaunted her ass on his face before she facesat on him, he felt like his blood would boil. And as she facesat on him and he smelled her ass and pussy, he could not help but cum.

Goddess Mel wanted to humiliate this guy without him knowing what she was doing to him. She had to tease him first to make sure he was under her spell. Then the mistress took advantage of that to dominate him. She facesat on him and made it look like they were having fun when in fact she was having fun at his expense and humiliating him for her own enjoyment.

Mistress Amy was disappointed with how fast her boyfriend came. It also took him time before he was able to get a hard-on again and that pissed her off as it meant that he could not satisfy her as she wanted. She wondered what had happened to him and she had to facesit on him to warn him not to be a selfish lover only looking out for his own fun.

Madame Svea asked this guy to worship her ass but he did not do what she asked. The mistress was pissed and she got him to do it by force as she facesat on him. She choked him as she did it and it became a punishment and not the fun things she had intended it to be. The mistress had a great time either way and it was the guy's loss.

Mistress Harley wanted to mind fuck this guy and then use him. She could tell he was into her big ass and her big tits. So she used them to tease him and she did it slowly and naughtily. He was turned on like she had never seen a man turned on and she knew her plan would work. The mistress then used her ass and her facesitting to mind fuck him and use him for what she wanted.

Madame Marissa was not going to let this guy escape punishment easily. She wanted him to learn never to do what he had done. The mistress had beef with him and she ensured it was something he would never forget. So she used her jeans to facesit on him. He cried as the pain got to him and he wished he had listened to her and never messed with her.

Princess Serena wanted to lay her hands on some secrets she was sure this guy had. But she knew they were not well acquainted and if she asked for them straight up, he would be suspicious and she would not get any. So she charmed him with her sexy ass and flirted with him to disarm him. Then at the right time, when she had mind fucked him and was facesitting on him, she got him to tell her the secrets.

Mistress Celine wanted to combine her jeans and her ass and make them a lethal combination for punishment. She wore her jeans and she facesat on this loser. He was humiliated and he was in a lot of pain as she did her thing. The mistress degraded the guy and she made him regret why he had pissed her off. Even his cries of pain were not enough to save him from her.

This mistress had beef with her man. She wanted to humiliate him and to punish him at the same time. So she teased him knowing that he had a thing for her ass and would not resist it. Then the mistress got her man to agree to be tied down and once he was, she facesat on him and she teased him until he was super turned on. Then she denied him.

Mistress Dana has a gorgeous ass and today she used it to showcase her facesitting prowess. It was a lot of fun for her to do because she had not done it in a while. The mistress got a guy to lie down and she got on top of him and made some naughty moves on his face. The guy had never had that done to him but he did not complain.

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