Facesitting POV

Sexy mistresses sit down on your face!

Mistress Venus turned this guy on with her ass as she put on a show for him. He loved all she did and he thought that she wanted him. But he did not know that she was just having fun at his expense and that she was baiting him before she dominated him to get back at him for what he had done to her. She facesat on him and that was when he realized it was not what he had thought.

Princess Kimberly knew that this guy would let her do anything she wanted to him especially if she managed to control him after she had teased him. He was turned on by what she did and by her naughtiness as well as her hot body. The guy could not believe she was doing that to her and in that state, he was shocked to find that she facesat on him.

Mistress Dana knows that she has a sexy ass and that a lot of guys cannot resist it. And that is why she used it to dominate as well as to humiliate this guy. She was sure he would not resist it so she teased him and denied him then she facesat on him for her own enjoyment. The guy could not do anything about it and had to endure all she did to him.

When it comes to having fun, goddess Alimony can do anything for it and today she had fun by facesitting on this guy. The guy had not done anything to piss her off and she did not want anything from him. She just wanted to have a good time by dominating someone and he was the nearest person to her at that time and she used him for her own selfish ends.

Lady Anja wanted to tease this guy and then deny him. And that is what she did as she had fun at his expense. He loved how the mistress teased him with her hot and curvy ass. He knew he was going to fuck the hell out of her but he was shocked when she turned on him and denied him after making him believe she was into him as well.

Lady Zora knew that she had to find a way to entice this guy and then make him do what she wanted. She realized he had a thing for her ass and she knew she had gotten the key. So the mistress teased him and she even facesat on him. He was so turned on that he did everything she asked and that is how she found a way to have her way.

When princess Serena realized that this loser wanted her to do crazy things, she knew it was time to teach him a lesson and it is something she did to him painfully. He had to learn his lesson and he learned it by being facesat on and being farted on. He regretted messing with her and he never repeated that mistake because he knew there were consequences if he attempted to do it.

Goddess Vanny wanted to bait this guy and then have fun at his expense. The mistress got him to watch how she gyrated her ass and he was hooked. She then found a way to humiliate as well as facesit on him. Since she had turned him on, he was at her mercy and she took the chance to dominate him for her own fun and enjoyment. He did not have a say as to what she did.

Mistress Celine is not one to let anyone do something she hates. Today the mistress was snobbed by her girlfriend and that was when it hit her girlfriend was snobbish. She had ignored it before but not today. And to make sure her girlfriend did not do it again, she used her jeans to facesit on him. And she made it a painful affair so that she would never think of doing it again.

Princess Serena did not like how her boyfriend ignored her. She did not want it to happen again and that is why she chose to humiliate him. To make sure it was a painful experience, she used her denim hot pants to do it. The boyfriend felt the pain and humiliation of her punishment and he learned a lesson that she was sure he would not forget any time soon.

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