Facesitting POV

Sexy mistresses sit down on your face!

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Mistress Harley was in the mood to deepthroat and that is what she did to this guy today. She turned him on with her hot and big ass as well as her big tits. The guy felt that he was going to get laid like never before but it did not work out the way he had expected. It turned out that she wanted to deepthroat him with a strapon and she went ahead to do it.

This mistress wanted this guy to talk but he had refused to talk to anyone she did not know or trust. Sensing that things were getting out of hand for her, the mistress turned to her ass to get the guy to do what she wanted him to do. So she teased him with her ass and when he had taken the bait, she used her sexy ass as a weapon to torture him into telling her the truth of everything.

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