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Princess Serena has a hot ass and she loves to flaunt it. It is a tool of pleasure but today she wanted to make it a tool of misery and pain. So she turned on her boyfriend after he had angered her and she facesat on him. The mistress got him to lick and to smell her ass and choke a little bit as she covered his mouth and nose.

This guy had pissed off someone and they wanted him punished. So the person approached mistress Anfisa and asked her to punish the guy for money and she agreed. She facesat on the guy cruelly and she choked and dominated him. She did not care about how he felt or what he had done. Mistress Anfisa was doing it for the money and that is all that mattered to her.

Goddess Sheila distracted this guy using her hot ass as well as her pussy before she humiliated him for her own fun. The mistress got him to think she was interested in one thing when she was interested in something totally different. He was thus shocked when she used the very ass she was teasing him with to trample and facesit on him cruelly and nearly choking him in the process.

Mistress Amy was disappointed with how fast her boyfriend came. It also took him time before he was able to get a hard-on again and that pissed her off as it meant that he could not satisfy her as she wanted. She wondered what had happened to him and she had to facesit on him to warn him not to be a selfish lover only looking out for his own fun.

Mistress Harley wanted to mind fuck this guy and then use him. She could tell he was into her big ass and her big tits. So she used them to tease him and she did it slowly and naughtily. He was turned on like she had never seen a man turned on and she knew her plan would work. The mistress then used her ass and her facesitting to mind fuck him and use him for what she wanted.

Mistress Celine wanted to combine her jeans and her ass and make them a lethal combination for punishment. She wore her jeans and she facesat on this loser. He was humiliated and he was in a lot of pain as she did her thing. The mistress degraded the guy and she made him regret why he had pissed her off. Even his cries of pain were not enough to save him from her.

Goddess Sheila has an unbelievable ass and this guy wanted to feel it on his face So he paid this mistress to facesit on him. The mistress agreed to that arrangement and she did it. But the guy had a trick up his sleeve and used it as she facesat on him. He rubbed her clit until she was turned on. She removed her panties and got him to lick her nicely.

Mistress Amy has no time for loudmouths, which is what this guy was. She did not want to tolerate his behavior and she dominated him with her ass. She facesat on him and she got him to choke and beg her for mercy. But she did not let him go easily as she went on dominating and torturing him so that he learned to stop being a loudmouth and change.

Princess Serena loves to do naughty things and today she tried something she had not done before. The mistress used her sexy ass to facesit on her boyfriend. He was drunk and she chose to do it to him in that state because he would not agree to if he was sober. The mistress enjoyed the fetish and knew that if he ever asked her when he became sober she would deny.

Madame Marissa had never facesat on her boyfriend before and she wanted to do it today. The mistress started by facesitting on him with her jeans on before she gradually removed it. He did not like the experience that much when she had her jeans on as it was painful but as she removed her jeans, it became better and they both had a great time together as it drove them wild.

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