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Mistress BlackDiamoond knew that this guy had a thing for her ass and she wanted to thank him for what he had one. So she went out of her way to put on a show for him using her ass and she topped it off by facesitting on him with her gorgeous ass. He loved everything she did for him and to him. He loved the thank you he got from her.

Mistress Corinne has a fetish for facesitting and she wanted her crush to experience it. Just because he was her crush did not mean that she was going easy on him now that he had agreed to have a little fun with her. She got him to lick her ass as she facesat on him and she drove him wild with her crazy tactics as well as with a little BDSM.

This guy was so abhorrent that mistress Ava felt that the best way to punish him was to use her ass. She not only facesat on the guy, but she also had the guy lick and smell her ass as well as her asshole. He did not have a choice as he was threatened with having his ass fucked using a strapon. So he obeyed her and did all she asked.

Lady Naomi wanted a favor from her boyfriend and so she used her hot ass as she knew he had a weakness for it. The mistress put on a show for him and he loved all that she did. And then she facesat on him and made it a naughty and dirty show. He enjoyed it all. And that is how he found himself agreeing to what she wanted him to do for her.

Mistress Sinovia made sure her ass smelled a little. She then went ahead to facesit on this loser and to dominate him in a way he had never been dominated before. She facesat on him and she also made sure he smelled her asshole knowing well that it was a little dirty and therefore a little stinky. The degraded guy was lucky she did not ask him to lick it.

Goddess Mel had never facesat on this loser before and she had never facesat on anyone with her jeans. So she chose to do those two things together. She went ahead and she used her jeans to dominate him as well as do some other crazy things to him. He loved every bit of what she did to him as she teased him until it got the facesitting part. But he did not have a choice.

When princess Serena realized that this loser wanted her to do crazy things, she knew it was time to teach him a lesson and it is something she did to him painfully. He had to learn his lesson and he learned it by being facesat on and being farted on. He regretted messing with her and he never repeated that mistake because he knew there were consequences if he attempted to do it.

Princess Serena did not like how her boyfriend ignored her. She did not want it to happen again and that is why she chose to humiliate him. To make sure it was a painful experience, she used her denim hot pants to do it. The boyfriend felt the pain and humiliation of her punishment and he learned a lesson that she was sure he would not forget any time soon.

Mistress Amy was disappointed with how fast her boyfriend came. It also took him time before he was able to get a hard-on again and that pissed her off as it meant that he could not satisfy her as she wanted. She wondered what had happened to him and she had to facesit on him to warn him not to be a selfish lover only looking out for his own fun.

Lady Anja wanted to make a facesitting video for her students. She lectured people who loved facesitting and wanted to perfect the art and she chose to use a video to do it. The mistress looked for a loser who she used to depict a slave or anyone else who needed to be facesat on. The mistress used her hot ass to facesit on him and crush him and choke him. She had a great time as the guy had the worst time.

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